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Mauricio Pollacsek

November 06, 2015

Hello guys!

I’m honor to present to you one of my dearest friend Mauricio Pollacsek a fashion designer with his new fall/winter 2015/16 collection.

The ninjas collection.

My friend Mauricio is a Brazilian fashion designer, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel with a unique look on men’s fashion.

His outrageous approach to color and styling gives him an edge in how men’s clothing can be perceived and worn.

Having graduated in Philadelphia University in 1994, he has worked for several major fashion companies in the US, Brazil and in Israel, both as a fashion designer and a fashion illustrator.

Mauricio is a designer who aims to bring style consciousness into the male perspective, turning his customer away from fear and prejudice from all that involves getting dressed and feeling wonderful about it.

His inspirations come mainly from the pop culture, arts and music, but his colors are an obvious derivative of his Latin background.

The designer is not, nor has he ever been a representative of the LESS IS MORE concept.

On the contrary; his fashion shows were always filled with great humor, extreme colors, an overflow of accessories and a street style that are unmistakably connected to his passionate personality and non-conformist world views.

Photos by:
Nati Gold
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