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Corneliani, The style history!

May 06, 2016

An Italy of the 30s, where men’s fashion had other colors, other touches, a refined fashion, straight lines, a fashion made to wear men like Marcello Mastroianni, Clark Glabe, Vittorio De Sica, David Niven and Errol Flynn.

In Mantova, Lombardy  northern part of Italy, where Alfredo Corneliani stands out among the pioneers of high fashion men with a handmade production of a Trench Coat who quickly made their claims in men’s fashion. Only in the late 50’s that  Alfred children Claudio and  Carlalberto gave to Corneliani a deserved dimension in the world of haute couture menswear.

Couldn’t be better cradle for Corneliani brand, Mantovain Italy, that 2016 was considered the Italian capital of Culture by UNESCO, since the Renaissance is a place of deep natural aesthetic beauty, which certainly prints on its inhabitants and their companies a refined sensitivity and harmony, elements do not miss the Corneliani House which has a beauty of content and not only forms.

From when in 1985 when Corneliani opens its doors to the distribution in the USA and Canada, growth and collection of honorable mentions in and out of Italy, in 2005 received the Quality Leonardo Award, which recognizes Italian companies that led the Made in Italy to the world with their knowledge, work and creativity.

In 50 years of creation of the brand in 2008 in Florence the Corneliani House presents an exhibition of photographs and advertisements dating from the splendor of the history of the brand, in the same year, open up the Asian doors for the brand opening offices in China and Shanghai.

The knowledge passed from generation to generation in the most refined Italian tailoring, with touches of hand finishing combined the latest technologies available in the market raise the Corneliani a dynamic and modern home.

Reaching its third generation of passionate brand managers then invest in new trends, research subtle matters such as asking the catwalks of contemporary fashion, but without ever losing the cut and trims typical of Made in Italy. The quality, symbol value of the brand, not only see in the final product, but in its methods, systems and even how continually qualify their workforce, secured and ensuring the highest levels of efficiency.

Cotton, linen, silk, ancestral tissue indisputable quality tailoring gain even more weight and prominence with the new production technology, the news of the Corneliani brand remains with the married with large pleats down the back to the height of the medium thigh, a functional fashion that does not give up the beauty of other times and who ventures into the mix of all these lines to ensure the independence movements and thoughts of their clients.

The colors in faded shades, almost dusty, which still do not lose their strength and the strength of its roots in the still air of a sunset in the desert, contrasted with the pale yellow of lighted stones by the rays of an orange sun. Arise in this fashion independent people, a fashion that deviates from some rules to have come a long way to experience this process of evolution that comes and seeks freedom and personality.

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