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Buenos Aires – A Capital Of Contrasts

July 14, 2017

Hello Guys!

To speak everything that should, this post would become very extensive, because they were 4 very intense days in the capital Portenha, Buenos Aires “With some good friends drinking the nice of live”, as described by the Brazilian singer Toquinho, in the song Aquarela.

The idea of ​​traveling to Buenos Aires came up with an invitation to a meeting promoted by a local university to bring together some designers, but as this is not a post about work, but to leave for another opportunity what has rolled in this meeting.

I took a reduced cortege with me to support what was needed, which helped a lot, because I received several impressions of my staff that inspired me for this post.

We arrived in Buenos Aires on the morning of Friday November 4, a quiet flight out of São Paulo, here our first obstacle and our first tip, in fact a tip that serves for all trips, do not get the first taxi that appears, Search for prices, know exactly where to go and avoid closed-price races, unlike many other places in the world where I’ve been racing with a closed price are much more expensive, can reach up to 150% more in value.

The attention to detail I noticed something interesting that differs BA from capitals like São Paulo, or even Rome, on the way between the airport and Hotel, I gradually noticed how old the automobile fleet is, the usually dirty cars and their overwhelming majority beaten, scratched and Pieces missing.

Then with the passing days we understand why, and do not be scared when taxiing through the city, the traffic is chaotic, almost without rules and very stressed, put a hand on the horn is a common place, pass a few millimeters of other cars too, And when you cross a street do it quickly because when the signal opens the cars start without looking who is in front.

Scary even with taxi drivers driving, smoking inside the car regardless of whether or not the passenger is a smoker, some without seat belts and one even smelling of alcohol, but using taxis is still a better option than fleet buses Municipal which are very old despite being in good condition.

Despite this, using taxis is a great choice, but get your taxi on the street, do not use taxis offered by hotels and restaurants that usually charge closed rates with well salted values, another important tip as soon as the race starts see if the Taxi driver turn on the meter, if he does not do it, do not be ashamed to ask him to turn on, but without a doubt they were the most attentive professionals I encountered during our stay.

And speaking of customer attention, the public, this is something that really miss the porteños, unfortunately more women than men, most of the unpleasant situations that we had for poor and even rude service was on the part of women.


Our concierge at the Hotel even tried to speak a few words in Portuguese or Italian, and his friendliness was what saved our stay at the hotel that he had to change my room because the room they offered was quite different from what had been chosen, This is another tip for any place in the world, and I’ve been in other cities including European, you see, you’re paying for what you paid for.

But something very good caught our attention, the cleanliness of the city and the climate of security, the sidewalks and avenues well structured, wide, and during the four days we witnessed only one incident that involved police to avoid an attempt of assault to two German tourists.

For Italians and Brazilians who have a strong taste for strong coffee, BA can become a great nightmare, only after two days did we find a perfect coffee, and to find it the hint is, escape from the tourist places, leave the Circuit of Florida Street, and of the great avenues like Av. Corrientes, Tucumán, Av. Viamonte or Av. Sarmiento, but in the streets that ramifications streets you will be able to find great and good surprises.

Eating in Buenos Aires can also become a problem, it seems that tourist places do not give value to their main client, the tourist, or at least do not worry about trying to ensure that he feels like returning to the city, the quality of care and the food is well below what you would expect and especially what you pay for.

Our first wonderful dining experience in Buenos Aires was in a small restaurant with all the European pomp less than 200 meters from a tourist spot, Floralis Generica, a 12-ton structure, a flower that opens at sunrise with petals of 3 and a half tonnes each.

The restaurant is on the same avenue and is called Rond Point, the service is British and the quality of food is not to be desired for any European jet set restaurant, so much so that we had the first wonderful coffee there, we went to a meeting, but we came back To have lunch at Rond Point.

Difficult to even give any tips on what to order, but I particularly recommend the risoto del mare, as the portenhos would say, “exquisito”, which means: “something of great quality and an extraordinary taste.”

On the other hand, if you decide to visit one of the most famous tourist spots of BA, EL CAMINITO, do it without expectations and especially, preferably to eat a snack or go after lunch, the quality is well disputable and the attendance the worst Possible, and the expensive tourist price x ratio and perceived by all, many worthless things, and depending on how much you seem a tourist or seems to have money, the higher the prices.

Getting out of the central tourist circuit is undoubtedly what can be done better, BA has a lot of life, many good things, beautiful, well-kept places that are very reminiscent of European life, but with a very friendly Latin touch, talking to people unknown in Streets is not something so scary and difficult.

Welcome to Buenos Aires, a city of contrasts without a doubt, but not a city that will let you leave without many good memories.


See you guys!