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The Future of Skin Care Starts Now!

September 19, 2015

Hello Guys!

How many times have you had the desire to spy on celebrities beauty case? Those who walk on the red carpet of fashion, movie and sport events?

Even if their beauty secrets are still a mystery and hard to find out, I had the privilege to share with some of these personalities the beauty and health skin confidence and have a confirmation by the well known Italian plastic surgeon, Paolo Siniscalco.

Here’s how I learned, used and approved the beauty line that now circulating the villas scattered among the green hills of Hollywood.
Are you excited to know the brand? I’m talking about the ZO Skin Health of Zein Obagi, for over 35 years it has revolutionized the world of beauty.

The cosmetics and beauty products created by ZO goes beyond skin imperfections like red shots, pimples, deep furrows, scars and more complex conditions of the skin by avoiding the skin problems and the skin aging.
My advice is to start from level 1, created specially for younger skin, rich in retinol and antioxidant that will help make your skin visibly healthy.