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November 03, 2015

Hello guy!

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia is an European country bordering at north with Slovenia and Hungary, at northeast with Serbia, east with Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the south with Montenegro.

It is bathed in the west by the Adriatic Sea and has a sea border with Italy in the Gulf of Trieste.

The country is member of the NU, NATO, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Europe Council and most recently the European Union.

The application of Croatia to the European Union (EU) took place on February 1, 2003 and adherence to July 1, 2013, being the second country formed from the territory of the former Yugoslavia to join the EU after Slovenia in 2004 .

I’ve started my trip for Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

The first turistic spot where I went was the Museum of Broken Relationships that is worth visiting because of the originality and the idea, has a small structure consisting of few rooms and several objects about sad love ending stories, I found it very sad and really curious at the same time.

My second visit was the Croatian Museum of Naive Art, very well organized they exhibited works of arts very awsome for those who appreciate the style, a kind of a modern art of the 20th century.

I found the price of the admission absolutely honest, and ,even as I know, it’s the only Naive art museum in the world.

I continued my journey through Karlovac, the city where a best friend of mine lives, is a surrounded town by rivers and so being become very humid especially in this period of the year. I took the little time we had to visit the Dubovac Castle.

I Proceeded to Opatija, and was soon visiting the Manufaktura, a great place for the quality and quantity of wonderful typical products like liquors, truffles also craft creams and soaps.

If you can I advise also visit the Villa Angiolina, it’s a beautiful gardens with incredible flowers very well cared, a well-kept and awsome place to know.

Obviously does not end here, you can see my list of the best places to visit also bars, restaurants and hotels!

Hope you enjoyed!


My Dream List

  • Zagreb
    Cathedral of the Assumption
    Chiesa di San Marco
    Museum of Broken Relationships
    Duksa Pizza
    Mundoaka street Food

  • Karlovac
    Dubovac Castle
    The Museum of Army Collections from the Croatian Homeland War
    Papa’s Bar
    Restoran Tempo

  • Opatija
    Villa Angolina
    Manufaktura, handicrafts
    Stancija Kovačići
    Restaurant Villa Ariston