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November 20, 2015

Hello guys!

I’m so proud to present to you the clothing brand, NaraCamicie.

They are famous for their unique style and good quality.

I, myself is a client of them and I am a very satisfied with their brands, for it really suits my taste.

And now, I would like to show you all the NaraCamicie’s lookbook to give you the exact details of what I am saying. And I now for sure, like me, that you will be satisfy with them as well.

The adventure began back in 1984 when Walter Annaratone, a Milanese entrepreneur whose family had owned a retail business for decades, decided to launch a shirt store franchise.

He realized that there was definitely a place on the market in Italy and abroad for a quality product with a sophisticated image.

Two young entrepreneurs named Mario Pellegrino and Enzo Pellettieri joined him in this ambitious project.

The first store, inaugurated over 30 years ago on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, is still a point of reference for the sales network and brand image.

Thanks to the brand’s steadily growing success on the market and its popularity with customers, Naracamicie stores have opened throughout Italy and abroad.

Today there are approximately 380 stores worldwide.