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Pitti 89 – Generation(S)

February 03, 2016

Hello guys!

The fashion fair in Florence – Italy has always been a fashion exponent, one of the first fashion event of the year, the PITTI UOMO which took place between 12 and 15 January virtually opens the calendar of the fashion world.

This year the PITTI UOMO brought GENERATION (S), a comprehensive insight into men’s fashion, somewhat sidelined in recent decades, but that also takes its glamor of old, and this is the proposal for Generation, a world post grung menswear of pastel shades, after the emergence of hipsters and the return of skinny pants.

A romantic reinterpretation of the 50s, with technology bringing more comfortable materials and a palette of colors much greater. The scenery PITTI 89 in Fortezza da Basso was a parade of well healed beards, straight styles and sober that receiving vibrant colors and bold accessories.

Celebrating the contemporary man and his choices for a practical fashion without losing sight of the sophistication the male sex appeal and not even the neatness and utility , that was the presentation of a Umbrian Maison, Cruciani.

For the next fashion station Cruciani invests in the idea of ​​classical forms that have never ceased to be part of the wardrobe of men who think about elegance, they have restructured the V collars and the Olympic collars without forgetting the jackets that bring a touch of stripped.

Their tissues recall those used in times of war in a heavy trench coats, but with the voice of technology Cruciani reinvents the fashion bringing heavy touch iron, but which are incorporated into the body, enveloping him like a silk. The fashion Cruciani is for work or for leisure, it is a free, conceptual fashion that understands the needs of modern, elegant and sophisticated man.

In addition, Cruciani follows the same purpose of the last years, it being a Maison environmentally sustainable using natural colorings and always be 100% made in Italy. The Cruciani fashion goes beyond clothes and save a good look interesting for men’s accessories valued highly in the new trends. If you want to learn more about Cruciani products and buy.

some of they must have products, is mandatory get a look at a virtual store Cruciani Luxury Pop.

I have so much to say about PITTI 89 that a post will not be enough, with trends in a free fashion and uncensored become the key points of menswear for this part of the millennium. Born a new world of opportunities, colors and styles.

I went on holiday renewing my knowledge and of course, my wardrobe now started 2016 and we have much to tell. Follow our blog and our Facebook page. If you are also a man who strives for elegance and wonder of fashion trends is sure to find here all (and more) on how to go beyond the senses and make fashion.

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