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Switzerland – Zurich

March 31, 2016

Hello guys!

One million eight hundred thousand population just in its metropolitan area that called the Canton of Zurich, almost four hundred thousand  only in Zurich and the city can always be clean, organized and the fragrance of fairy tales in the air.


People dressed in a fashion way that reflects well their lifestyle and even the political position of the country, neutral, without front, attack or forget anyone.

The colors are mixed, the styles are complementary, leather, velvet, fabrics in variety, plots and glitter, elegance and glamor.

It is part of the 10 cities most “powerful” in the world and in 2012 was elected the best city to life, an election that takes into account four pillars: Education, Health, Public Safety and Economic Development.

You can really feel it in a simply walk  on the charming streets of Zurich, people not as exactly solar, but extremely polished, responsive, easily you’ll find someone to give information in German, the language spoken in Zurich, but also get information in English, French even Italian.

So it is Switzerland and so is Zurich, jolly of possibilities, diverse and charming.

Far from being a cheap city for backpackers travelers, Zurich requires its visitors investment and knowledge, the largest city in Switzerland has prices ranging between 3 to 5 times higher than the rest of Europe, a delicious espresso in any charming cafeteria side by the Limmat river bank that cuts Zurich can cost some like 5 Swiss francs or slightly more than 5 euros.

Speaking of the Limmat River there is another iconic image that not be forgotten and revered in a metropolitan area as the Canton Zurich, with almost 1,800 million inhabitants have a river that allows even the bathe in its waters is something to take as an example the enviable quality of life.

Another iconic thing to be said about Zurich, in addition to its luxury and beauty, is the security, in all the capitals of Europe where I was in the end of the day the jewelers make their withdrawal ritual, leaving in some few cases with only a few less expensive jewels and in most cases completely clean.

In Zurich luxury never sleeps, anytime you can move on and be dazzled by wonderful designer pieces with a royalty air without discussion.

Photos by Marcos Maldonado

See you guys!