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Amsterdam – Holland – The Pragmatic

April 05, 2016

Hello guys!

In the eastern Europe there is Netherland, his real name literally means “low countries” that due to its incredibly unique topography, where only 50% of their territory is above the sea level.

Also known as Holland, its main cities are Amsterdam, the capital, The Hague, the political capital where the parliament are, and Rotterdam the largest seaport in Europe, being alone greater than the following 3, the port of Rotterdam was until 2004 even the largest port in the world.

This time I decided to get to know the charming and narrow alleys of Amsterdam, experience the air of tranquility that you can breathe in a country where prisons are being closed for lack of criminals.

At time, is quite common become aware of police stories that are dedicated to sports and become great athletes by government incentives and even almost idle time they have.

Amsterdam is not definitely known for the quality of its hotels, so a tip already very interesting is to seek those of international brands and well-established, which does not prevent you find hotels more affordable, taking into account that it is a city relatively expensive for those who are only passing through Europe, a good tip is the Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC, it is a few minutes walking from the main metro line, is airy and clean.

No doubt see all those bikes coming and going at first generates a certain mistrust, especially for me, I observe all sides of fashion, but how wonderful to realize that the glamor, charm and neatness can also ride bikes in Amsterdam, people move to work, for their business, always in style and elegance, including on their bikes, something interesting that I could see is that it is very evident, just the way you dress and behave, who is local and who it is a tourist.

Amsterdam grows in every way, a pragmatic city, seeking the solution of permanent problems, even if it means years of struggle and change, smiling and good humored the population is always available to take doubts.

Photos by Marcos Maldonado

But here is an important tip, even if crossing in the pedestrian lane and the sign is open for you its good to get a look if it has no bike coming, they have a certain habit of going straight, with open or closed signal.

Let’s go shopping!?

In the center of the historic part of the city surrounded by canals this a very suggestive area known as DE NEGEN STRAATJES (new roads), the streets that blend the canals between Leidsestraat and the Jordaan neighborhood are delightfully full of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, boutiques and beautiful shops with vintage air, with proposals for all tastes and wallets, the region is an invitation just like the colorful and famous Dutch tulips.

If your destination is the luxury market, get ready to give a way to the museum district P.C. Hooftstraat is the exclusive street of the great fashion names like Chanel, Vuitton, Tomy Hilgfiger. If you want to know the Dutch fashion and its exponents be sure to head over the Cornelis Shuytstratt, a street with an air of nobility and noble names.

But if you are one of those Mall Hobbyists your destination is behind the piazza Dam, there you will find the De Bijenkorf, probably the largest and best known mall in Amsterdam. A historic building with international chain stores ranging from acclaimed Sissy Boy to the formidable Mango.

See you guys!