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Canali – Tradition in a Contemporary Collection

April 14, 2016

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Promote Italian menswear and there more luxurious side for over 80 years is not easy or simple task, it is not common place and is not for everyone, between  the illuminated supporting in the most classic form of master tailors bringing an exceptional and perfect aesthetic balance with a meticulous attention to detail there is CANALI.

The Canali house promotes since 1934 the highest values ​​of Made in Italy, with a craft excellence and expertise of nearly a century of taste and style.

With over 1,700 employees worldwide and 250 stores the Canali brand can be found in more than 100 countries around the world and other more than 1,000 retail stores, a strong brand with soul that keeps growing day-by-day.

The definition of Andrea Pompilio for summer 2016 Canali collection is the perfection of this collection in a text form:

“I still remember the sense of wonder I felt when experiencing that simple magic of a kaleidoscope – countless pieces that would shift, rotate and converge, creating infinite images and juxtapositions though constant in their beauty as a whole. Through the kaleidoscope, I see the Canali man, suspended in the timeless atmosphere of an everlasting Mediterranean Summer.”

So it is the summer Canali 2016 gracefully traveling in a palette of colors and natural tones, creating a luxurious mount between blue, ocher, caramel tones and wine, lit by flashes of deep sea green.

But the news are not only the tones and also in the mix of fabrics like something wool / silk / line and a premium cotton forming distinct textures bringing the clothes all summer spirit.

Cut jackets in pure silk organza, transparent in a double layer that allow a glimpse Egyptian cotton shirts, well cut briefcases making composition with backpacks unstructured embellished with bands in graphic cuts causing a visual impact adding a unique touch of quirk.

To look it’s composed with a calfskin moccasins with colorful spectra and ties in shades aubergine and rigid hybrid rubber soles ridged talking to the graphic structures of backpacks and briefcases.

The silhouette becomes lighter, smooth, with a delicious touch of freshness, the jackets have graceful cuts and more relaxed pants at the waist with pleats on the back of the thighs tapering toward the ankle giving the collection a touch more contemporary.

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Wardrobe by Canali

Bag by Canali

Papillon by Canali

Bermuda by Canali

Shoes by Canali

Belt by canali

Clutch Bag by Canali