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April 21, 2016

Dubai the capital of one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an emirate is the equivalent of a princedom and each one of the seven has its sovereignty.

Dubai is ranked 32th in the Human Development Index and 14th in the ranking purchasing power, located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian chersonese the UAE, established in 1971 is the sixth largest oil reserves of our planet.

Among the seven capital cities, Dubai has the largest population and is the second largest emirate by area after Abu Dhabi.

According to national legislation, are also the only two emirates to have veto power with respect to critical issues of national importance.

The first written mention of Dubai dates back to 1095, while the oldest known settlement of the city dates from 1799.

Dubai was formally established in the early nineteenth century by the tribe of Banu Yas, and remained under the control of the tribe until 1892, the United Kingdom then take the Dubai protection. Its geographical location has made it an important trading center and its port began to develop since the beginning of the twentieth century.

My trip to Dubai was a worthy beginning of the town, flying with Emirates Airlines in the Business class limousines took the shuttle service between my home directly to the airport and the lip service is worthy of any five star hotel.

Staying at The Westin Dubai opposite Dubai Marina were a service and treatment six stars with the highest level 24 hours professional, everyone always available for your incredible moments become an unforgettable ones.

My suite room is very spacious and with a wonderful view of the sea, the Hotel is ideal to relax and enjoy the facilities of the various pools and private beach that guests have to disposal.

Taking into account the 45 Celsius degrees to shade the sun guarantees in Dubai, it is natural that you spends most of the day in the hotel, enjoying the air conditioning or pool, replacing all the water lost with divine drinks.

The sea is incredibly clean with crystal clear bluish extremely white sand which increases the brightness of the sun, you can also enjoy the surrounding park creates a dramatic setting, all very thoroughly cleaned and coordinated.

So after 4PM when the sun starts to have a soften rays is the time to enjoy the Dubai there is outside of the hotel walls, is when most tourists begin their pilgrimage by sights that have used have schedules that extend into the night in order to allow visitors to meet them.

As the European capital even at night can be seen heavy traffic through the city streets, the night movida in a Occident style smash paradigms we have about the way of life of Muslims, making us understand how life is a human need and a delight anywhere that it proposes to provide life.

Visit the Dubai Mall, it is mandatory, the largest mall in the world has more than 1,500 stores, and to be honest, I could not see everything.

A charming part is for the Burj Kalifah, one of the tallest buildings in the world, where the 148th floor you can have a wonderful view of the city and admire in the front row the Dancing Fountain, with shows every day from 6PM to 11PM every 30 minutes.

At a dinner at the restaurant The Atmosphere located in Burj Khalifah in Armani Hotel, where prices start of in 840 dirham (local currency) about 200 euros per person, I had a delicious Gastronomic experience.

The view is breathtaking for those who are in one of the window tables. With this view was that I delighted me with a wonderful cuisine, worthy of great class of the most refined palates.

But the high point of my first weekend in Dubai was an invitation to attend a dinner at the Palace Versace, luxury are the responsible to mix the best of Italian architecture with the Arabic culture, the mosaics that decorate the structure are a real expression of how was the ancient Palaces of the European courts, it’s a real delight vision.

It is also a tip to visit the Dubai Museum, with various reconstructions of Bedouin life, some weapons and objects from the pre-oil era.

We are only at the beginning of our journey into the luxury and glamor and the UAE gold, in the next post all the details of the old Dubai and the Souks, gold markets, fabrics and spices, plant of history and lux.