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David Naman – Sands Atop The Past

May 24, 2016

Opposites are the starting mark of David Naman DNA, their site reportedly shows his concept of mixtures and the coexistence of shapes, colors and touches.

In the Naman DNA is the subtle style, while daring, a true dialectic kind of fashion, Naman house print your concepts and shows his balanced style.

For the European summer 2016 comfort has be married to the strict shape in an unlikely marriage, but with amazing results, breaking concepts behind get back the black as the main color of the collection making use of lightweight fabrics framed by a crack and differentiated wool.

In a bold contrast the total white is used with alternative, flecked with blue night tones and ash, covered with pastel and sandy tones, motifs of Caribbean beaches wrapping with a sand shovel on preconceptions of men’s fashion, showing how much can be glamorous and style without losing its subtilize and the relaxed style.

A connection is made between the world of spacious, relaxed spaces streets bringing a rectilinear fashion and austere techniques and new fabrics, sneakers, t-shirts, shirts, without ever losing the elegance that gives everything she does David Naman brand!

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