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Milan FashionWeek

Moto Guo – Leaving The Road

June 24, 2016

Exit commonplace may seem simple, but it is becoming more complicated, more unusual, more unexpected. Moto Guo decided to play with this human pain so long, accept to be accepted.

His spring-summer 2017 collection back in his gut the difficulty and delicacy of who you are.

A contradictory collection, unusual, understood by people who know they are being looked at, even judged, but the thought of Moto Guo for his collection is just that, “I am who I am, and who can blame others for not understanding?”

The building a fashion that understands what is happening around, but that handle, highlights and a contemporary way withstands criticism, including one’s own fashion industry, and prints the wire confidence wire through his fashion, moving on at their own pace.

In the fashion week in Milan this year, Moto Guo reverses values ​​and puts on the catwalk, models showing the cheeks covered with red spots, irritated patches that exist in adolescent’s day-by-day.

For me Moto Guo, breaking the paradigms of acceptance by aligning fashion style, bringing out the world from within, creating comfortable in the discomfort and showing that everyone can expose their self and not be afraid to do this.