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Milan FashionWeek

Strateas Carlucci – Silhouettes And Profiles

July 26, 2016

A young fashion, with young concepts in a young company. Since when created in 2013 by Peter Strateas and Mario – Luca Carlucci the brand have received many awards since 2014 the brand STRATEAS CARLUCCI were acclaimed in the National Designer Award at Melborn Fashion Festival in Australia.

Inspired by “We live in public”, documentary by Ondi Timoner that dives into Josh Harris’s mind, the brand daring in his cuts, open the shows with different dimensions outfits, exploring the concept of censorship, Strateas and Carlucci bring the field to mix elements with a strong influence Sportswear.

The idea is to show a fashion that controls and can be controlled with pieces that mark the silhouettes deconstruct the body and rebuild true sculptures made of fabric a balance between what you see and what you wear.