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Spring Summer '17

Bench 24 Hours Summer Time

October 05, 2016

Sun, beach, heat, drinks the seaside or parades spotted bodies in the pool, the men’s fashion for being male longer suffers a flattening of the possibilities, making summers always a sequence of colors, prints and almost predictable cuts, year after year.

Opening the range of possibility is the acclaimed Bench label, founded in 1989 in England.

Bench has functional menswear, its distinctive look has a specific focus and single minimum, the construction of a men’s fashion, with cuts, designer and fabrics that wear man 24 hours of his day, born with a good street fashion skaters groups and BMX culture, grew up with a contemporary fashion and spontaneous vision, that proudly carries in its DNA.

Bench also bet on more electric shades of magenta and coral for the end of the season, injecting courage, energy and fun in the late summer moments, inviting all to tan until the last ray of sunshine, or perhaps the first rays of sun the next season.

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