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Be The Bridge, Be Black!

October 07, 2016

More than a style, a philosophy, so that THE BRIDGE presents its collection of accessories in PIT UOMO 90 2016 BE THE BRIDGE, BE BLACK! It is the focus of the brand, with parts in full black, clean,

hard-hitting, urban, futuristic, but also traditional.

Classic materials join unusual new materials, bringing the leather with technical fabric, for example, the Pet recycled fabrics, a search for the look of sustainable eco, who do not want to lose the glamor and elegance.

The backpacks in a black overall, with many magazines and designers to facilitate their transport, but does not want to draw more attention, a fashion accessories attached to functionality, versatility and yet is contemporary.

For those who travel is not only fun but also a way of life, THE BRIDGE offers accessories that turn into small portable worlds able to safely carry and elegant enough for a day or even a weekend in flight stopovers frantic worldwide.