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Spring Summer '17

Ferutdin Zarikov

October 11, 2016

Don´t just be a man, for those who are also business men to be complete should also be a gentleman. This is the vision that Ferutdin Zakirov a designer Uzbekistan with deep vision of elegance and attention to detail.

Zakriov combines its designer a couture tailoring and present  in Milan in 2016 your ideal man for spring / summer 2017 what he would call a Gentlemanager. Men who can mix work and free time between meetings without losing the elegance and style.

A fashion with nuances that stagger among the most classic Neapolitan tailoring and the most dynamic and presence Milanese one, using chromatic shades of lighter colors using flax and cotton moving to a darker and intense variable with wool and silk dyed.

This fashion brings clean shirts, nylon jackets with micro exclusive prints, make up the male wardrobe with exquisite pleated shirts for a high quality smoking, but do not forget to bring a sportswear high impact with jeans and T-shirts.

Zakirov already accustomed its audience to a critical eye to detail, for each building, so each piece, every accessory, every proposal has an identity that is immediately recognize the signature of Zakirov House and its pure elegance.